Go from the basics to rocking out, while learning from an industry professional!

I VALUE the positive role that music can have on our lives, and I love the opportunity to pass that on to others. I’ve instructed students (of varying ages and backgrounds) from all over the country on guitar, bass, live performance, and song writing. This includes one-on-one instruction and group lessons.

I received a certification in live performance, studio work, and songwriting through The Contemporary Music Center, and I finished my Bachelor’s degree at Eastern University. I also interned under hit songwriter, Kate York, while in Nashville. Furthermore, I’ve performed all over the country in a number of different capacities.

Lessons, first and foremost, should be an enjoyable experience for everyone involved. I aim to create a comfortable learning environment for all my students. Music is fun, and I guarantee that there will be plenty of good times while taking lessons! My promise to all students is to work hard toward your development as a musician and to make you the best you can be.



Victoria was born and raised in San Diego, California. Coming from a musical family, she had a love for music from the very beginning, and wasted no time developing her musical passions. Though a California girl at heart, her gypsy intuition led her all over the US and abroad. This range of life experience cultivated Victoria’s musical ear and artistic nature. In college, she moved to the east coast to attend the Contemporary Music Center, a by-invitation artist colony, at which she acquired further skills in live performance, studio work, and songwriting. After a stint in Nashville, Victoria moved to Philadelphia to perform full time with the established band, Element K. She now performs both as a solo artist and as the front woman and multi-instrumentalist for her own music.


-Understanding of guitar parts (anatomy of the instrument)

-Understanding basic terminology (ie note, chord, etc).

-Names of strings (E, A, D, G, B, e.) and corresponding numbers for strings (1-6)

-finger and fret numeration

-Tuning of the instrument

-Basic technique (how to finger a fret board, hold guitar, hold pick, etc).

-How to find notes on the fret board/chromatic

-Basic rhythm concepts and counting (whole notes, quarter notes, eighth notes, time signatures, etc)—usually involves clapping exercise, single note playing exercises, reading rhythm charts, etc.

-Basic concepts of “keys”

-Basic major and minor scales (especially for “warming up”)

-Chords (mostly basic open chords)


-Learning songs to put concepts together


For more advanced students, we will likely get into the following:

-Power chords, bar chords, and complex chords beyond majors and minors.

-reading of staff music (site reading training included)

-Scales beyond basic majors and minors

-Music theory (chord construction, modes, etc).

-stylistic techniques (hammer-ons, pull-offs, slides, etc)

-Knowledge of gear (for those guitarist who wish to branch out to electric guitar)

–How to play with other musicians and instruments (collaboration, listening, understanding each instrument’s part, etc).

-Understanding basic song structure and anatomy of songs (verse, hook, etc)

-lyric and vocal phrasing

-finding your voice as a writer

-exploring environments and conditions that foster one’s creativity for writing songs (preference for outdoors, quite secluded spaces, etc).

-Breathing/relaxation exercises

-Stage movement training (includes watching footage of self for review and watching footage of others for notes)

-Acting/stage exercises to get out of your head and into your body

-learning common problems with live performances and becoming comfortable with fast, on-the-spot trouble shooting (and how to avoid some problems before they begin).

-Finding your stage voice, both in singing and speaking.

-Developing your stage persona



Thank you so much for your interest! I am constantly taking on new students, so if you should have any questions, please fill out the contact form and I will get back to you shortly!